Every area you need without adhering to production groups. We have possibilities to produce many kinds of products which are materials from rubber.


Under market standarts, we are preparing products that will not led you down the road.

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We produce special product our customers. We manufacture according to quality standarts.
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* Qur company, We will not harm our ecological balance with all our activities,
* We believe tahat we will be involved in the development of environmental awareness of interested parties,
* We will ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources,
* We comply with our legal obligations, environmental legislation in force and the requirements of the organizations we are a member of,
* We will adopt the philosophy and systems of continuous development to the integrated management system in all processes and continuously improve the efficieny and we will absorb all the personnel and increase our market share, profitability and competitive power in this direction,
* We undertaken to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with technological innovations in the sector at the same time in the world, with our management team and educated contemporary personnel, in accordance with the management system requirements.


  • About

    * Onka Kaucuk Conta Ltd. was established in 2007 in Bayrampasa, Steel and Plastic Barrel Lid Seals, Automobile Door and Baggage Wicks and Gaskets...

  • Vision

    * We own high quality in producing steel and plastic barrel lid gasket, * The studies that we do have a structure that is traceable to the quality management system, not the sectoral ones, but the globak actors.

  • Mision

    * To be the preferred company in the sealing elements by competing in the domestic and international markets and making the bottom line and organization that will enables us...


Products & Services

We can produce all kind of gaskets.


* 20 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 25 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 30 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 40 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 60 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 120 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 150 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 200 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* 220 LT Plastic Barrel Gaskets
* IBC gaskets


* Steel Drum Gaskets
* Conical Barrel Gaskets
* 218 LT Conical Bar. Gaskets
* 194 LT Conical Bar. Gaskets
* 178 LT Conical Bar. Gaskets
* 209 LT Conical Bar. Gaskets
* 29 LT Conical Bar. Gaskets
* 20 LT Conical Bar. Gaskets
* 60 LT Conical Bar. Gaskets


* Engine Cover Gaskets
* Dust Box Cover Gasket
* Dust Box Lower Gasket
* Seal Cap Housing Air Chan.
* Seal Lid Air Duct
* Seal Lid Box
* Engine Bot. Body Gaskets
* Engine Body Gaskets


* All kinds of solid and sponge profile gaskets
* Eva varieties in every size
(Adhesive or non-adhesive)


Adres: Vatan Mahallesi Çiftehavuzlar Caddesi Serdar Sk. No:17/A Bayrampaşa / İstanbul
E-mail 1 : info@onkakaucuk.com.tr      E-mail 2 : kalite.onkakaucuk@gmail.com
Tel : 0 212 612 76 88    Fax : 0 212 612 76 89


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